4 Cylinder SUV List with Excellent Vehicle Performance

Coming up with the question what are the recommended SUV with 4-cylinder SUV engine, here comes the 4 cylinder SUV list. One of the engine types in the SUV is the 4 cylinder engine. The number of the engines is essential factor in vehicle performance, including the SUV. The more the engines, the more powerful the performance is. V6 consists of six pistons that pump inside and those pistons connect to and turn in the crankshaft. The formation of this engines consists of these six pistons is in V shape.

The 4 cylinder engine consists of four pistons that is inline. Historically, it was used for the Japanese car manufacturers such as Honda and Toyota. It is considered as the compact engine with practical performance. The advantage of 4 cylinder SUV engine is it is cheaper in cost compared with the V6. In the recent world, there is still the best 4 cylinder SUV list between the popularity of the V6 engine.

4 Cylinder SUV for the Fuel Efficient Choice

Between the criticisms stating that the fuel efficient feature is not considerable anymore for the 4 cylinder engine, they are still believed to be the vehicle with the great performance. Some of them are even to be the popular car’s choice of SUV. Chevy Equinox is on the list. This five passenger’s crossover is the comfort, roomy, and stylish SUV. GMC Terrain is the SUV at the same class with Chevy Equinox. It is generated by a 182 horsepower with 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine.

GMC Terrain 300x200 4 Cylinder SUV List with Excellent Vehicle Performance

GMC Terrain

By the existence of that engine specification of that car, the car will be able to deliver a powerful engine performance because of a great cylinder usage that has been applied in that house design. There are four cylinders for the engine of that car. It is because that 4-Cylinder SUV is empowered by the 2.4 liters engine capacity that is can have a great power. By that power of the 4 cylinders, the car will be able to reach the best acceleration from 0 – 60 mph only in a few seconds. It is very powerful.

Ford Escape is also the iconic SUV with this type of engine. It has 171 horsepower and front wheel drive. The next will be Honda CRV. It is the first small crossover in the market and has five-speed automatic gearbox. It is famous with the solid reputation for its family friendly and spaciousness. 4 cylinder SUV list offers you different engine alternative that is more on budget friendly car and efficient vehicle utilization.

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